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Feature Films

"Just For A Week" (2022) | Michael Jason Allen

"Drone Down" (2021) | Mike Conway

"Dilectione" (2020) | Joseph Espinosa

"The Nest | Brian Hennigan

"Home" (2019) | Adriel Roman

Abby Rey starred in 5 feature films.

Visit her IMdB for more movies. 

Click Here for Abby Rey's full Resume.

Letters of Recommendation available upon request. 

Special Skills

Martial Arts: Taekwondo - Intermediate Belt (Green)

Weapons: Firearms, Staff. 

Sports: Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Ping Pong, Racketball, Baseball, Rollerblading, Mountain Biking, Juggling (3), Street/Roller Hockey, Color Guard/Winter Guard.

Music: Drums, Guitar, Vocal Range (Mezzo Soprano-Soprano)

Other: Driving Stick Shift 

Languages: Fluent in Tagalog (Filipino)

Education / Training 

UNLV : Bachelor of Arts: Theater Arts

UNLV : Scene Study | Clarence Gilyard

Vegas Theater Company : Acting Techniques | Rayme Cornell

Vegas Theater Company : Practical Aesthetics | Mindy Woodhead

The Spot Improv : Character | Buddy Lewayne 

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